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Secret #1: Why Do I Need A Digital Business Card?

Tap cards and digital business cards have been on the market for a few years now. If you’ve never used one, they’re pretty straight forward in what they do.

Is it worth it? YES!

Learn why you need one...

Secret #2: The Top 5 Benefits of Using the TW3 TapCard.

First impressions are important.

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The TW3 TapCard will set you apart from the crowd making you a category of ONE.

Learn the top 5 benefits that make the TW3 TapCard superior to their traditional counterparts...

Secret #3: 10 Things The TW3 TapCard Can Do To Grow Your Business!

The TW3 TapCard is unlike any other digital business card that you’ve ever seen.

You tap a phone or other mobile device with one and it transmits the information that is programmed on the card to the device.

But, the TW3 TapCard is different. It can do a whole lot more...

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A Digital Business Card That Can Connect, Capture & Close For You!

From: Bobby Christy
Atlanta, GA 

Introducing the TW3app-powered
Digital Business Card.

Introducing the groundbreaking TW3app-powered tap card, which has taken the digital world by storm! Although tap cards and digital business cards have been available for some time, their capabilities have been relatively limited.

Traditionally, they could share contact information, trigger an action on your device, or share a document by tapping a phone with them. However, with the TW3app programmed tap card, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

This innovative tap card not only offers all the basic features of a traditional tap card, but also:

- allows you to capture their information,
- add them to a funnel,
- share and receive files,
- book appointments,
- receive payments,
- direct them to an affiliate offer,
- subscribe them to a list, social media profile, and blog,
- recruit them into a business,
- give them a virtual tour of a property,
- and much more!

Grow Your Business with a Digital
Business Card from TW3.

 At TW3, we are committed to exploring the limits of tap card technology.

Our app and tools are engineered to help you expand your business, reach out to a wider audience, and establish connections that you may have never considered possible before.


Why limit yourself to a basic tap card when you can access the power of the TW3app?

Upgrade your digital business card game today and unlock the unlimited potential of the TW3app-powered tap card!

You are worth more,

- Bobby Christy

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